There are certain things that you just plain shouldn’t do when you go RVing. However, if you’ve ever gone on any type of road trip, you know that there are always “those people” that ignore the unspoken rules of common courtesy or just plain have no clue. Learn as much as you can about RVing if you don’t have much experience on the road.

 Don’t Do This If You Go RVing

  1. Blind people with your high beams. You may be so accustomed to being a rural RV driver, that when you encounter traffic, you forget to turn your high beams off and end up blinding other drives. Or, maybe you aren’t used to turning on your high beams because you drive in or around cities most of the time. If you don’t turn your high beams on when you should, you probably end up creeping along on dark country roads because you can’t see.
  1. Creep away from traffic lights and stop signs. Many RV owners avoid fast starts thinking that by not applying pressure to the gas pedal, they are saving gas. This leaves you with drivers that slowly creep away from stop signs, holding up traffic behind them as they inch away. Take note of the fact that it’s actually more efficient to power up relatively quickly, and then back off the throttle in order to cruise at a steady speed.
  1. Merge into another lane without checking. Remember to use your mirrors and do a shoulder check. RVs have blind spots; don’t forget to check before changing lanes.
  1. Forget to check your clearance. Read the clearance signs for bridges, overpasses and other low clearance areas. There is a CoPilot USA navigation app that has an RV mode, which helps users to avoid low clearance areas.
  1. Pay more attention to what’s going on the inside of the RV instead of the outside. There’s a ton of fun to be had when you go RVing, but don’t let the social atmosphere or excitement inside distract you from what’s most important — safety.
  1. Letting kids or passengers run around inside while the RV is moving. Everyone inside the RV should be seated and buckled in with a safety belt whenever your RV is in motion.
  1. Pull into a spot in a parking lot or RV campsite that someone else was clearly waiting for. If you’ve ever waiting in line for a parking spot or RV camping spot in a park that didn’t accept reservations, you know that it’s just proper etiquette to wait for your turn. Don’t be that person who snatches up a coveted parking spot that someone else was clearly waiting for. That’s just plain rude!
  1. Forget to level your RV. No one wants to sleep on an angle or make an uphill climb from one end of the RV to the other. Be sure to level your RV once you arrive and start setting up camp.

If you are an experienced RVer, what other things should you not being doing when you go RVing? We want to hear from you, so share your thoughts and comments on the Easy Escapes RV Facebook page or by sending us a Tweet @EasyEscapesRV