diesel rv engine

Wondering if you should go with a diesel RV engine or a gas RV engine? Not sure about the advantages and disadvantages of each engine type? Don’t worry, it’s not hard to narrow down your options and determine which RV engine would be best. You can start by thinking about the frequency of your future trips, your budget for maintenance costs, and expected fuel economy.

To make the decision easier, ask yourself questions such as: Will you be living in your RV as a permanent residence? Or, will you just take it on vacations a few times each year? Will the RV engine have enough power if you intended to tow another vehicle? Is a smooth and quiet ride important to you? From here, you can get clearer picture of the type of engine that would be best.

Diesel RV Engine Advantages

  • If you plan to travel frequently and for longer periods of time, a diesel engine will provide better fuel economy.
  • Diesel engines are smoother and quieter.
  • Diesel RVs tend to retain their value longer than gas RVs do.
  • Diesel RV engines have longer service intervals.
  • When properly maintained, diesel engines are more durable than gasoline engines and still perform reliably after extensive mileage.
  • Diesel engines have a higher towing capacity (usually around 10,000 lbs or more).
  • Diesel engines offer more torque or power, if needed.

Diesel RV Engine Disadvantages

  • Diesel fuel usually costs more at the pump; however, the price difference is usually offset by better fuel economy.
  • RVs with diesel engines will have a higher price.

Gas RV Engine Advantages

  • Gas engines in smaller RVs make economical sense if you only plan on using your RV every couple of months.
  • A gas RV engine will produce higher RPMs, and higher RPMs generally provide faster acceleration.
  • Fuel may be slightly less at the pump.

Gas RV Engine Disadvantages

  • Gas RV engines have less towing power compared with diesel engines.
  • Gas engines have a shorter life overall.
  • Gas engines require more frequent service intervals.
  • Lower fuel economy than a diesel engine.

Now that you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of gas versus diesel RV engines, you can make a more educated purchase. The pre-owned RV experts at Easy Escapes RV are also available to help guide you toward the best decision. Contact us at (863) 450-4915 to learn more about the diesel and gas pre-owned RVs we have on the lot.