As we have seen over the past few weeks, companies all over America are stepping up to assist their communities during the corona virus quarantine. The RV industry is no exception. From manufacturers to RV dealers, an industry-wide campaign has been officially launched by the RV Industry Association to assist where the need is greatest.

RV dealerships are always assisting their communities by offering free appraisal services for RV consignment clients and manufacturers routinely give discounts to those who’ve served their country. But these steps are above and beyond and industry-wide from the top down.

  • Making RV’s available as mobile medical staging units. Class B RVs and Class B camper vans are perfect for quick medical assessment teams that can move from neighborhood to neighborhood quickly. While conversion vans may be more fuel efficient, the Class B RV has enough interior space for medical teams to work unimpeded.
  • Assistance command centers. While medical personnel work on testing a team of outreach coordinators can easily be dispatch from touring coaches or travel trailers to give hands-on care to the homeless who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.
  • Testing facilities. Class B motorhomes have perfect layouts and spaces to set up mobile testing units on the fly.

  • Sleeping Units for medical personnel. Many times doctors or nurses are dispatched far from their homes to other cities in need of additional teams. Used RVs are perfect for this function and in fact a Facebook group called RVs 4 MDs began from a single doctor’s request for temporary housing.
  • Bathroom trailers. These same medical personnel often have no time in between shifts to go home and shower. Temporary changing and bathing units are easily achieved with RVs.
  • Laundry facilities. Doctors and nurses must have clean uniforms for every shift and it’s very convenient for them to use an RV parked right outside the hospital. They can even grab a much needed nap while they wait. Laundry facilities found in RVs are also useful when serving the homeless in area communities.

Other tiers of the RV industry are helping as well. Dealers with travel trailers for sale are setting up temporary RV parks to serve as hospital overflow units. One such park was recently set up adjacent to Los Angeles airport.

RV dealers and RV consignment sale dealers are assisting by offering traveling medical personnel mechanic and repair services, serving medical conversion vans already in the field and selling used and new RVs to local governments. By purchasing locally these government agencies are also helping the community.

If you would like to team up with your local RV dealer to assist during covid19, do a search for “rv dealers near me” and purchase an RV to be used by those on the frontlines of the crisis.

We’re all in this together and the RV industry is here to help.