consigning your rv

If you are thinking about consigning your RV, there are a few important questions you should ask before you sign a consignment contract with an RV dealer. Consignment can be a smart option if you are limited on time or simply aren’t confident in your abilities to get your RV sold on a timely basis for the price you want. Consider RV consignment when in these situations because it very well might be the right option for you — just be sure to ask these questions when consigning your RV.

  1. What is your consignment period? Most RV dealers or consignment companies will accept your pre-owned RV on consignment for a three-month period. When you consign your RV the dealership may have safety and pre-delivery inspections performed on your RV at no cost. However, if for any reason you withdraw your consignment prior to the end of the three-month period you may be charged for these inspections.
  1. What marketing resources would you use to help me sell my RV? Keep in mind that many RV dealerships and consignment companies have a broad list of industry contacts and resources that the average person wouldn’t have. You can get the advantage of the RV dealer’s brand and marketing expertise to assist in the selling of your RV. Also, most RV consignment companies or dealers have financing resources. Access to financing resources can be a big attraction for many buyers, especially if the Class A RV, Class B RV or Class C RV you are selling is on the higher end.
  1. Do you provide an appraisal or help me determine what my RV is worth? Establishing fair market value is important in ensuring that you get the best price for your RV. Industry professionals with years of experience buying and selling RVs have the knowledge of
  1. Can the dealership take care of periodic maintenance tasks that need to be completed on the RV while it’s on consignment? This may include tasks such as running the generator or checking the valves on your water heater.
  1. If a potential buyer comes to the table with an offer that’s lower than your desired asking price, will the dealer still contact you? If you are eager to sell and want to be informed of all offers, make sure you ask this question. This will help ensure that you and the dealer are on the same page with regard to consigning your RV.
  1. How much will be deducted from the RV’s selling price and provided to the dealership as the consignment fee? Make sure the percentage is clearly noted in your contract.

Consigning your RV with a dealer can be easy and convenient, just be sure that you get all of your questions answered and a copy of the consignment agreement in writing. If you are ready to consign your RV and have additional questions about how the process works, call Easy Escapes RV in Auburndale, FL at (863) 450-4915.