If you own a travel trailer or RV and have been wondering how to take advantage of the current high market demand, you’re not alone. Thousands of travel trailer owners are thinking the same thing. So to sell your RV fast for top dollar you’re in for some stiff competition. Just advertising online or in the paper and putting a “For sale” sign on the windshield won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for as far as the closing price.

So let’s begin with this:

“I Want to Sell My Travel Trailer.”

Great! The market is hot and buyers are out there.

The next thing you ask yourself is,

“How Do I Go About Selling My Travel Trailer?”

Most people who reach this point start Googling for information. They find a few websites and begin making notes. You decide you can do this on your own without any professional help. (And you’re right; you may indeed sell your RV but without a proper appraisal, repair, upgrades, and buyer you’re not likely to get the best price.)

“Should I Sell My RV Myself?”

So the process begins. You know some people who said they might be interested and can put up a few flyers around town. You’ll even post about it on social media. But as previously stated, the old tactics aren’t enough anymore. You’re going to need an RV consignment pro if you want maximum dollars for your rig. And let’s face it, why bother with all the effort if you’re not going to get the best return on investment you can.

It’s about now that you’re asking yourself,

“Who Can Help Me Sell My Travel Trailer?”

An RV consignment specialist is what you want. Besides having valuable experience in appraising your rig, they can give you the information you need to get the highest sale price. Things like small repairs and upgrades are subjective.
What you think may need fixing may not necessarily be what potential buyers are looking for. An RV consignment pro does know and can help steer you in the right direction.

An RV consignment company also has the resources you don’t have to reach out to potential buyers in the right places. They have marketing experience and a roster of eager buyers for your RV.

6 Essential Steps to Finding the Best RV Consignment Company

Congratulations on choosing the best partner you could have for an optimal RV sale.

RV consignment companies specialize in selling used RVs and are familiar with all the manufacturers, models, and features. An experienced RV consignment professional has insider industry information that you’d never be privy to. This expertise benefits you greatly when it comes time to sign on the dotted line.
But how do you know which RV consignment company is the best one for you? Here are the 6 tips you need to take before choosing one:

1. Select a Used RV Specialist. This one is important. Large RV dealerships that also take on used RVs for consignment sales won’t make selling yours a priority. Why? Because their lot is filled with brand new RVs that they’re paying monthly interest on. It’s in their best interest to sell the new RV, not yours.

2. Industry Savvy & Experience. Most RV dealerships have salespeople who concentrate on selling one particular type of RV. One will only sell travel trailers while another salesperson only sells luxury diesel RVs. But a consignment specialist knows all types and knows which buyers prefer which models and features. They have one-on-one experience with a wide range of buyers and know how to market your rig to the right people.

3. Non-Commissioned Salespeople. While an RV dealership pays huge percentages to their team for selling their expensive new inventory, their commission rate for a used RV will be only a fraction of that. If you were a salesperson, what would you focus your time on?
An RV consignment salesperson only sells used inventory so their focus is entirely on your used rig and the eager buyers he has lined up to see it. That’s quite a difference, right?

4. Authentic Referrals & Online Reviews. It’s very tempting as you’re building a website to advertise your business to add some glowing referrals written by yourself. After all, you want to give your business a sense of authenticity and professionalism. Some companies succumb to this temptation. It’s usually easy to spot a review written by friends or family.
Look for genuine reviews on Google and Yelp. Check the company’s BBB rating. How are they rated on Angie’s List? This will help you get a true picture of other clients’ experiences.

5. “No Hidden Cost.” This is a term that’s thrown around as marketing lingo and it shouldn’t be. Why? Because as soon as your client discovers that oh hey, there’s just this one fee…..your integrity is shot and you won’t get it back.
A reputable RV consignment company should tell you upfront what fees you can expect. When speaking with an RV consignment company for the first time, be sure to ask these important questions:
• Are there storage fees if my rig isn’t sold at the end of the agreed-upon consignment period?
• Will I be charged for services done to my RV without my approval?
• Will there be a cleaning fee for washing my rig while it’s on your lot?
• Will my RV be used in a rental fleet while it’s under consignment?
• Will my RV be kept at this location or moved to another of your locations?
• Has the RV consignment rep asked for your after-hours contact info? If not, this is a mistake. Many times RVs are sold in the evenings or over the weekend and your urgent input may be needed to complete the sale.

6. Marketing. RV dealers may brag about the million dollars they spend on marketing annually. But remember, they’re using the bulk of that to sell their new inventory, not your used rig. But an RV consignment company spends their entire marketing budget and effort on selling used RV inventory, including yours.
Conclusion: Following these 6 steps to choose your RV consignment company will give you the edge over all the other RV owners selling rigs on their own. You’ll also be free to enjoy your life while the consignment company handles all the calls, emails, texts, and hassle. They’ll even handle all the paperwork for you.

With an RV consignment company as your partner, it will be as easy as dropping off your RV and picking up a bigger check at closing than you ever thought possible.


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