Spring is the perfect time to clean your Class B RV (or any RV for that matter) before planning your summer road trips. During the cleaning process, you should also keep an eye out for any potential maintenance or repair issues.

Exterior RV Cleaning Tips

  • Wash the exterior of your Class B RV with specially formulated soap from an RV supply store. We recommend Premium Gel-Gloss Wash and Wax or something similar. Avoid using harsh household detergents or dish detergents that may damage exterior paint and your RV’s clear-coat finish.
  • Use 100% lambswool wash pads when washing the exterior of your RV, and avoid microfiber towels. Microfiber is made primarily from polyester, and polyester is a plastic material that will eventually scratch the clear-coat finish or sealant off of your exterior paint.
  • Always wash your RV in the shade. If you wash your RV in the sun and heat, you’ll get streaks on your windows and chrome.

  • Clean your RV tires using a specialized tire cleaner such as McKee’s RV Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator or Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Dressing. Just like any other type of vehicle tires, RV tires can be exposed to harsh conditions when in frequent use and in periods of inactivity. Look for any cracking or other tire damage. If you have any question about the condition of your tires, ask a professional to inspect them to see if they need to be replaced.

Interior RV Cleaning Tips

  • Sweep and wash interior floors using a wet/dry mop along with a good multi-purpose cleaner such as Mrs. Myers. Vacuum any carpeted areas using a compact size vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe down wall panels and cabinet interiors with a mild multi-purpose cleaner. If you have wooden cabinets use Murphy’s Oil Soap spray and wipe off with a soft cloth.
  • Use an old cotton sock to dust and clean window blinds. Spray the sock with an eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner and wipe the blinds on both sides.
  • Clean and protect your RV dashboard by applying a wipe-on or spray protectant such as Armor-All.
  • Use a leather cleaner and conditioner on your leather, vinyl or ultra-leather seats and sofas in order to prevent drying and cracking. You can also use it on your steering wheel to remove dirt and grime.
  • You can remove any interior water stains from ceilings or floors with a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda — just be sure to test for color-fastness before applying the peroxide mixture.

Use these cleaning tips so that you can enjoy your upcoming spring and summer adventures on the road in a sparkling Class B RV. You can also apply these tips to your Class A motorhome, Class C motorhome, or travel trailer. If you are ready to sell your RV on consignment and upgrade to a larger model, we can help. Give us a call today at (863)-450-4915.