Choosing the right RV security system depends on how you use your motorhome and where you store it. Does your RV sit in your yard or in storage for a majority of the year? Or, are you traveling from one RV park to another most of the time? You should also consider how you want to be notified in the event a disturbance occurs. Do you want to be alerted by siren, phone call or text message? By answering these questions and having a general idea about the available options, you’ll be on your way to choosing the right RV security system for your needs.


Guardzilla has a simple-to-install, standalone motion detector with a built-in video camera that streams video to users’ smartphones in real time and captures pictures. Guardzilla’s motion sensor and siren capabilities enable it to identify and deter unwanted intrusions. The system does require AC power and wireless Internet. Keep in mind that mobile hotspots and guest networks don’t generally work well for these types of systems. However, if the RV is parked in your yard or at a storage facility with a consistent wireless Internet setup, a system like Guardzilla can be a good solution.


The Canary Security System is a complete security system in one device. While it is marketed as a home security device, it works just as well in an RV. The system does need AC power and Internet connection; however, an Internet connection can be provided through the use of the Verizon Jet Pack MiFi Mobile Hotspot. The device works through a free app and provides live, wide angle streaming video and audio. You can use your smartphone to check up on your unit from anywhere.

Global RV Guardian

Global RV Guardian operates anywhere you go without the need for an internet connection for monitoring by employing a roof-mounted satellite antenna to communicate alarms and other information to the Guardian System servers. The Server then records the return message and notifies you via phone of any incident. It builds a virtual fence around a parked RV, using wireless sensors to detect any unauthorized entry, smoke, heat, high water levels, GPS (Global Positional System), loss of power and low battery voltage. If you are constantly on the go in your RV, and like to venture to remote locations, this system may be a good choice.


Tattletale‘s security system with built-in motion detector is portable, wireless, and can be set up in a jiffy. The system features full emergency monitoring and a key fob to arm, disarm and set off a panic alarm. Each Tattletale system can manage 50 separate smoke, motion, door, and glass-break sensors within its 300-foot radius. Pet owners in particular will appreciate the “pet on” one-touch button that allows your pet to roam freely inside the motorhome without false alarms. The system has a 20-hour battery backup, which means the system is on, even if your power isn’t. In addition, text and email alerts can be enabled to notify you (and up to five other people) every time the base unit is alerted.

While there are many RV security system makes and models available, these three will give you a general idea of what is available. One final thing to keep in mind is that an annual monitoring contract may be required in the event that you are frequently off the grid. Aside from purchasing an RV security system, it’s a good idea to read about security tips that will help keep your motorhome safe and secure.