If you want to pedal or paddle at your next RV destination, all you have to do is find a kayak or bike rack that will safely transport your bikes or kayaks. Finding the right kayak or bike rack for your RV isn’t hard or complicated. You just have to consider a few simple things before you decide which rack will be most compatible with your RV and your bikes or kayaks.

When choosing a kayak or bike rack, you’ll need to consider these questions:

  1. What is your RV’s compatibility? In other words, where on your RV will you be able to mount a kayak or bike rack?
  2. What type of bike or kayak do you have or what kind do you plan to buy?
  3. How many bikes or kayaks do you intend to transport?
  4. How often do you intend to access your bike or kayak?
  5. What is your user compatibility? Who will mount and remove the bikes or kayaks?

Kayak or bike racks will typically mount to your RV in one of the three following ways:

  1. A rack that bolts around a square bumper on your RV. In order to In order to accommodate a bumper-mount bike or kayak rack the bumper needs to be a square, 4″ to 4-1/4″ bumper that is continuously welded to the frame, and not made from aluminum. Although, there are companies that make custom racks for kayaks and bikes. Bumper racks tend to provide quick and convenient access.
  2. A rack that mounts to the ladder or roof of your RV. Ladder bike racks are designed to fit either flat/elliptical steps or square/round steps. Keep in mind that ladder and roof mounts are higher and a bit more challenging to access. This may be fine if you don’t intend to use your bikes or kayaks often, but if your plan is to use them on a daily basis, you will want to take this factor into account.
  3. A rack that slides into your RV’s trailer hitch. Double check hitch-mounted bike or kayak racks to make sure that they are compatible with your motorhome or RV. Like bumper racks, hitch racks offer fairly quick and convenient access.

The key is to make sure that your bike or kayak not only fits your rack, but that the rack also safely and securely fits onto your RV. Call Easy Escapes RV at (239) 302-3789 to find out more about pre-owned RVs that would fit your outdoor lifestyle.