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6 Spring RV Road Trips To Plan Now

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spring rv road tripsSpring RV road trips are the perfect way to celebrate nature’s rebirth while pacifying your adventurous spirit. From brilliant blooms on Skyline Drive in Virginia to historic Antebellum plantations in Louisiana, pick from these six spring trips that will have you feeling grateful that you gassed up and gathered the family.

Spring RV Road Trips

  1. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana — This 50-mile road runs through Montana’s Glacier National Park, and was designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape to go relatively unnoticed. If you want to take a spring RV road trip that will give you plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities (bighorn sheep and mountain goats), Going-to-the-Sun Road won’t disappoint you. Visit the park’s website to check for travel advisories since the weather is known for being fickle, even during the late spring season.
  1. George Washington Memorial Parkway, Washington D.C. — Every spring, a colorful array of tulips ands cherry blossoms adorn the George Washington Memorial Parkway. While DC commuters may think of the parkway as a route to avoid, it can be a stunning drive on a spring weekend. Combine a spring weekend trip down the George Washington Memorial Parkway with a drive down the historic Georgetown Pike, and it will lead you to beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and scenic hiking opportunities along the Potomac River.
  1. Highway 290, Texas — Take a spring RV road trip through the small towns and rolling hills at the heart of the Lone Star State. Start west on Highway 290, while keeping an eye out for fields brimming with wild bluebonnets. You can stop to dine on beef brisket at Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, listen to live music and sip on a beer at Pecan Street Brewing in Johnson City, and treat yourself to a merlot or malbec at Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg.
  1. Skyline Drive, Virginia — Spend a day on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park to take in an amazing variety of spring wildflowers in bloom. You can see over 850 different types of wildflowers on a visit, including azaleas, trillium and black-eyed susans. As a bonus, the park keeps the roadsides unmowed so that you can take in the best views of the flowers. In fact, an entire weekend each year is dedicated to the wildflowers.
  1. Park Loop Road, Maine — In early spring, when Acadia National Park is ablaze with fresh blooms, the 27-mile Park Loop Road is one place where you can truly appreciate the magic of the season. Set aside a few hours to hike, snap photos at Otter Cliff and enjoy views from the park’s crowning jewel, Cadillac Mountain, the tallest mountain along the North Atlantic coast. When planning your trip, keep in mind that some sections of the road are closed through mid-April, so be sure to check the national park service’s website.
  1. Louisiana Great River Road National Scenic Byway, Louisiana — This 717-mile segment of the Great River Road takes you through rural towns, historic sites, Antebellum homes and plantations, the state capitol, and the famous French Quarter. This is your chance to experience Southern food, music, and all of the historic sights along the way.

Ready to take one of these spring RV road trips, but don’t have an RV? Call Easy Escapes RV at 239-302-3789 to see the pre-owned RVs we have available or to consign your current RV if you’re ready for an upgrade.

Best Class B RVs For Your Paddle Boarding Lifestyle

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paddle boarding class b rvsClass B RVs are well designed to fit within your paddle boarding lifestyle. These modestly-sized motorhomes are built with the simplicity and dimensions of a van, but have raised roofs to provide additional headroom. Class B RVs are a breeze to park and drive, so they’re ideal for weekend trips to your favorite paddling destinations.

Paddle board storage racks can be mounted on the back of your Class B RV, and are sold for boards that are up to 36″ wide. If you want to know which models are perfectly suited for paddlers, check out these three options.

  • Pleasure Way XLTD — Since this Class B motorhome has two twin beds, you can use it for either weekend paddling getaways or for longer trips. The twin rear bench setup converts into an ideal area to relax and grab lunch — making this unit extra functional. Vinyl flooring makes for quick and easy cleaning if you have a bit of sand between your toes. In addition, the XLTD’s diesel engine provides good fuel economy for its size.
  • ERA 70C — Taking it up a step farther, the full bathroom in the ERA 70C b earns bonus points for usability. The large rear bathroom in this unit is a big benefit for paddle-loving people who want to have enough space for showering and changing after a day on the salty waves. Plus, this unit has a Flex Bed system that can convert the two twin beds to a queen.
  • RoadTrek Simplicity SRT — This paddle-friendly motorhome offers a number of the basic amenities you’d expect, along with some of the luxuries you might not normally associate with a Class B RV. Take note of the large windows, full kitchen with pull-out pantry, full bathroom with stand-up shower, and sleeping space for three. The patio awning is a big perk when you’re ready to relax in the shade.

These three Class B units are each characterized by simple options and floor plans that offer enough open space to stow your paddling gear. For the RV newcomer or weekend adventurer, a pre-owned Class B motorhome is a smart choice that will save you thousands of dollars in depreciation. Call Easy Escapes RV at 239-302-3789 to find out how much you can save by buying a pre-owned Class B RV from us.

Don’t Make These RV Financing Mistakes

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rv financingBuying a motorhome can be an exciting experience, but don’t forget to check into RV financing before you start shopping around. You can literally save thousands of dollars by just taking the time to do some financial due diligence. Make your RV financing process go as smoothly as possible by learning about a few RV financing mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not considering how you will handle RV financing BEFORE you start shopping. Do your research on financing arrangements prior to visiting an RV dealer. When you do, the dealer has to be competitive with any interest rates that you’ve been quoted.
  1. Forgetting to check your credit score. Your credit score will have a direct impact on your loan interest rate. Interest rates will vary between states, but borrowers who don’t have the best credit can expect to get rates of up to 24%, which is significantly higher than the rates offered to those with scores of at least 640.
  1. Not taking the time to really crunch the numbers. It happens, you can get so excited about finally purchasing an RV that you’re not as careful as you should be when it comes time to crunch numbers. Buyers can end up paying thousands too much in interest if they don’t take the time to thoroughly assess the numbers.
  1. Not taking the overall cost of RV ownership into consideration when making a purchase. Buyers often forget to consider maintenance fees, gas expenses, RV insurance, and storage fees. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance agent to get an estimate on how much insuring the recreational vehicle will cost.
  1. Not asking questions about qualifying loan terms and interest rates. Most buyers aren’t aware that, in order to qualify for a refinance, RVs must be 2007 model year or newer. For a purchase, RV must be 2009 model year or newer. The maximum loan term is 20 years for RV 2014 model year or newer on loan amounts of $50,000 or greater. Add 1.00% to above rates for truck campers, folding camping trailers and horse trailers with 50% living quarters (listed in guides).

Now that know about the RV financing mistakes you should avoid, call Easy Escapes RV in Naples, Florida at 239-302-3789. Find out about the current pre-owned Class A RV, Class B RV, fifth wheel and travel trailer models we have that might fit your budget.

5 Big Tax Breaks For RV Owners

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tax deductions rv ownersMany RV owners aren’t aware of the potential tax savings they may be eligible for when they purchase an RV. Sure, a recreational vehicle is a great way to travel and see new places with your family, but don’t forget that it may give you some relief from your taxes as well. Check out these five ways you can get tax breaks as an RV owner.

  1. Did you know that owners of second homes are able to deduct the interest portion of payment on a second dwelling as well? Your RV may qualify as a second home if it has cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities. Nearly all RV types including class b motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheel RVs, already have or can be equipped with these types of facilities.
  1. RV owners may be able to deduct a portion of the sales tax that was paid on a new motorhome or RV trailer if it was purchased within the past year. Look for a worksheet on your tax form that will determine how much you may be allowed to deduct. While this type of deduction is a one-time deduction, given the sizable investment of an RV, sales tax often means a substantial dollar amount. If you are eligible to get some of that money back come spring, it only makes sense to take advantage of it.
  1. If you have a loan on a travel trailer or fifth wheel RV, your loan may qualify for the interest deduction. However, the loan on the truck or vehicle used to tow it does not. It appears that Uncle Sam doesn’t see the point in moving your second home to various different locations.
  1. Part of your RV registration can be another way of saving on your taxes. In some states that don’t have personal property taxes, your annual vehicle registration contains both a portion based on the weight of the vehicle and a portion based on the value. The portion that relates to the value is a tax-deductible expense.
  1. If you are a business owner (even a small home-operated business), and your business requires you to travel or work out of your RV on a regular basis, then you are eligible for tax deductions that may classify as business expenses. Do you use your RV to entertain and build relationships with other businesses? Or to transport your company’s staff from one job location to another? If so, you may find at least some of the cost of owning your RV can be classified as a business expense. Just keep in mind that any percentage of its use that is personal in nature won’t be an allowable deduction.

While we have provided you with a few examples of expenses that you may be able to deduct, always be sure to consult with your accountant or a tax specialist to find out if there are any other areas where you may qualify for a tax break. More and more RV owners are finding ways of turning the RV lifestyle into a profitable business as well. If you are considering a pre-owned motorhome purchase or selling an RV on consignment, call Easy Escapes RV at 239-302-3789.

7 Places To Experience Central Florida Outdoors

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seminole-countySeminole County in Central Florida is one of those places where you’ll experience down-to-earth people, a quaint hometown feel, and unspoiled Florida wilderness. What’s even better is that you won’t need reservations months in advance to paddle down a crystal clear spring-fed river or fly above the treetops on a zip line. Wow, isn’t that refreshing?

Don’t be mistaken, there are plenty of modern conveniences in Seminole County, but you’ll probably most appreciate the peace and quiet that’s associated with this particular part of the Sunshine State. Check out seven perfect places to experience Central Florida outdoors.

Central Florida Outdoors

  1. Econlockhatchee River, Oviedo — The Econlockhatchee River is popular with local paddlers because of its wildlife viewing opportunities. Eagles, sandhill cranes, wading birds, deer, turkey, and alligators are right at home near this unspoiled river.
  1. Geneva Wilderness Area, Geneva — This 180-acre site offers peace and quiet for any hiker or mountain biker who is willing to make the trip. The shady trails in the Geneva Wilderness Area provide respite from the Central Florida sun from dawn until dusk.
  1. Wekiwa Springs State Park, Apopka — Visitors can swim, canoe or kayak through the crystal clear waters of this beautiful natural gem. If you’d rather stay dry, thirteen miles of trails at Wekiwa Springs State Park also provide opportunities for hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding.
  1. Zoom Air Adventure Park at the Central Florida Zoo, Sanford — You can choose from one of three different zip line adventures at Zoom Air Adventure Park (located at the Central Florida Zoo) to experience Central Florida outdoors from a completely different perspective.
  1. Captain Dana’s Fishing and Scenic Tours, Longwood — If you’ve been itching to go fishing in Central Florida, you have your choice of freshwater bass fishing or saltwater flats fishing on one of the area’s pristine lakes, rivers, bays or lagoons. If you’d rather relax versus reel, don’t worry. You also have the option of taking a scenic tour through Seminole County’s wetlands and forests.
  1. Historic Paw Park, Sanford — If Fido happens to be along on your road trip, you can’t stop in Sanford without visiting Historic Paw Park. There’s a small dog play area, a time-out area, doggie bag disposal dispensers, park benches, dog showers, self-watering bowls, and historic lighting.
  1. Central Florida Paddleboarding, Lake Mary — Don’t know how to paddleboard yet? No worries, you can take a lesson. Otherwise, veteran paddleboarders can choose a favorite Seminole County lake to explore or ask the professionals at Central Florida Paddleboarding to recommend a spot.

Once you experience Central Florida outdoors for the first time, you may want to extend your visit. Save money on hotel rooms and restaurants by contacting Easy Escapes RV at 239-302-3789. We might have a pre-owned RV that’s affordable and suitable for your family adventures.

RV Consignment Done Differently: No Sugar Coating

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rv consignmentDoesn’t it drive you nuts when you walk into an RV dealer or car dealer and instantly feel like you’re being “sold?” You know what we mean. It’s that uncomfortable feeling you get when a salesman attempts to talk you into buying something that isn’t within your budget or just plain isn’t a good fit. Ugh, we don’t like that feeling either. We don’t spend our time and energy trying to confuse you with fancy RV lingo or trying be something we’re not.

We buy RVs and look at RVs for sale all of the time, and know that you (much like us) just want honesty without all of the sugar coating. When we started Easy Escapes RV, we vowed to be different… we vowed to provide helpful RV consignment services to those who needed to sell quickly and for those who were interested in pre owned motorhomes for sale.

Our focus remains on helping you find the best pre owned RV or helping you sell your RV for cash. There are certain realities that we think everyone should know about — realities that make you more informed as a buyer or as a seller.

Ways We Do RV Consignment Differently

  • We realize that we can’t help everybody. We want to find you the right RV for your family or help you sell your RV fast so you have the cash in hand. However, there will be times when we won’t have your ideal RV. Or, there may be situations when a Florida RV consignment company may not be the best choice for you. Regardless, we will provide you with options so that you can move forward in an informed and intelligent manner. We have a network of professional RV connections!
  • We are solely focused on RV consignments and pre owned RVs for sale. We don’t have a brand new line of RVs that compete for sales or pressure us to move inventory. This means you get honest guidance about which RV models would be sensible choices — including class a diesel rvs, class b rvs, fifth wheel rvs, and travel trailers.
  • We provide you with a professional RV appraisal. We explain how we come up with the value of your RV because it shouldn’t be some big mystery. We work with you so that you feel part of the process. One of our goals is to empower you as a buyer or seller to make educated decisions that honor your goals and lifestyle.

Customers from as far away as San Francisco, California have contacted us because they know that the Easy Escapes RV name means straight-up good service without all the pushy sales tactics. There are plenty of dealers that go that route, but that’s not us. Give us a call at 239-302-3789 to find out first-hand why we’re different.

4 People You Never Want To Road Trip With

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road tripThe spring road trip season is right around the corner, but before you start making any travel plans, you might want to think about who you plan to bring along for the ride. If psychologists are correct and you become like the 5 people that you spend the most time with, you should definitely choose your road trip companions wisely. You’ve probably come across these characters over the years, but would you invite them along on a long road trip?

Debbie Downer

You know the one. No matter how many interesting places or people you come across on your travels, Debbie Downer will always find something to complain about. Trying to get this person to see the positive in any situation is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. Do yourself a favor and save the invite for someone who can find the silver lining in challenging situations instead. You’ll have a much happier road trip experience if you do.

Potty-Break Paul

Even though you just pulled out of the driveway 10 minutes ago, Potty-Break Paul has to stop RIGHT NOW, and then in another 20 minutes… and in another 20 minutes after that. You’re really not sure if you’ll ever get to your final destination. Although, if you have a recreational vehicle or motorhome with a bathroom on board, you can just pull over instead of going out of your way to find a gas station. Don’t forget that there are seatbelt laws in every state that you need to abide by. You can’t get up and walk around in a motorhome while it is going down the highway to use the bathroom, get a snack, or for any other reason.

Indecisive Irene

You can’t ask her a question about where to go or what to do because she can’t make a decision. You’ll be the one to make all of the decisions about whether to take the scenic routes or the highways, whether to stop at little “Mom and Pop” diners or restaurant chains, and to determine which RV parks or campgrounds to stay at.

Backseat Driver Dan

We all know one of these road trip party poopers. This is the person who uses the “air brake” from the passenger side of the RV or who makes a point of telling you if you are driving 2 miles per hour slower or faster than you should be. Basically, this person finds anything and everything wrong with your driving and makes a point of letting you know. Do yourself a favor and leave Mr. Backseat Driver at home so that you can relax and enjoy your road trip.

Now that you’ve decided who you don’t want to go on a road trip with, start making a list of people you do want to invite along. Don’t have a big enough vehicle? There are plenty of pre-owned rvs for sale or motorhomes for sale near you. Call Easy Escapes RV at (239) 302-3789 if we can help you find a used RV that’s a good fit, or if you’d like to sell the RV you currently have.

These 3 Presidents Would Have Loved RVing

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washington would have loved rvingIn honor of President’s Day, we thought about which of America’s great leaders would have loved RVing. OK, so we know that not all of these presidents were alive when the first RV rolled off of an assembly line, but if they had the means to use an RV “back in the day,” these presidents would have been the ones to do it.

Theodore Roosevelt

Our 26th president valued nature and the outdoors, so we think it’s pretty safe to conclude that he would have loved RVing. While Roosevelt was extremely fond of hunting, he didn’t just view it as a sport. He saw it as an opportunity to gain knowledge about the outdoors and the species that inhabit our lands. He wrote many books regarding his observations of nature, including Hunting Trips of a Ranchman, Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, and African Game Trails. These works highlight his passion for the outdoors, love of adventure, and constant quest for knowledge.

George Washington

It has been well documented that our first American president developed a deep love of the outdoors and adventure. He would spent endless hours fox hunting on his land along the Potomac River. Washington’s estate, Mt. Vernon, covered more than 8,000 acres, which gave him plenty of land on which to ride his horses, hunt, and fish. At an early age, Washington knew he wanted to head into the wilderness in an effort to measure the lands that were unknown to the English and European settlers. In 1752 he became involved in land speculation and used his surveying skills to list over 52,000 acres of property that would either be sold or distributed. Sure would have been easier to pack his men into an RV and just cross the Delaware by bridge, right?

Calvin Coolidge

Our 30th President spent three of his summers away from Washington on fishing getaways. While it might be tough to imagine in our modern-day political environment, Coolidge would take up to eight consecutive weeks off at a time to recharge his batteries in the great outdoors with his family. He loved traveling to beautiful, relaxing places that were known to have good fishing spots — which is why we’re pretty darn sure that he would have loved RVing. Although he wasn’t always an avid angler, one of his secret service agents actually introduced him to the sport. The rest was… well, history.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you’re president of the United States or not, you can call Easy Escapes RV in Naples, Florida at (239) 302-3789 and find out about the RVs we have available on our lot. Or, you can use our consignment services to help you sell the RV you currently have so that you can upgrade to a larger model that’s fit for king… or a president.

Why Use Local RV Consignment During Life Changes?

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difficult time local rv consignmentPeople use local RV consignment for many reasons. However, there are certain times when anyone could use the extra support in the form of a helping hand. Whether it’s due to an illness, the loss of a loved one, or a financial crisis, there may be days when we can’t think quite clearly or just plain feel overwhelmed.

When life changes “happen” and we need to accommodate, it’s a good idea to delegate time-consuming or emotional tasks to someone we trust. This is when it may be a good time to let a local RV consignment company help you sell your motorhome. We receive calls from RV owners across the state of Florida who would like help selling their travel trailers, Class B RVs, Class A RVs, and fifth wheels during these types of life changes.


  • Divorce or Break-Up
  • Family Illness
  • Financial Crisis
  • Loss of Family Member

The last thing most people want to do in any of the above situations is answer a flurry of phone calls, arrange showings, or deal with a title transfer. We’ve been through one or two of these situations ourselves, so we strive to sell pre-owned RVs and motorhomes as quickly as possible and with as much compassion as possible. Selling your RV is really no different than selling your home. You’ve probably made a lot of great memories in your RV — we understand that there is quite a bit of emotion that can come with it.

Because we have over 40 years of experience in RV sales and consignment, we are able to market, show, and sell your unit with confidence while you do what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. If you’ve never worked with a local RV consignment company like Easy Escapes RV before, you can reach out to someone who has and ask for an unbiased opinion. We welcome reviews or testimonials on our social media channels and via email, so that potential consigners know what to expect.

If you know of someone that might be able to breathe easier by asking us to sell their Class B RV, Class A RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, let us know. Call Easy Escapes RV at (239) 302-3789 and let us know how we can help.

10 Sarasota County Spots For Family Fun

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sarasota countyTake a two-hour road trip from Naples to Sarasota County, where you’ll find some of the best spots for family fun in Southwest Florida. Sit in amazement while watching a circus performance, stroll through a botanical garden, or greet a loggerhead turtle — all on a visit to Sarasota. There’s no shortage of educational, affordable, and interesting things to do with your family while in Sarasota County.

Sarasota County Family Fun

  1. Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Home to over 100 marine species, the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium can give your family an up-close view of marine animals and fish. Highlights at Mote include two touch tanks, a 135,000 gallon shark habitat, and actual working marine laboratories.
  1. Tibbals Learning Center. The Tibbals Learning Center at The Ringling Circus Museum features the world’s largest miniature circus. The 3,800-square-foot display includes the big top with circus performers as well as the performers’ living quarters and dining tent.
  1. Sarasota Children’s Garden. Children can dress up in fairy costumes, walk the plank on a pirate ship, or climb up a mountain of painted truck tires at this two-acre wonderland in downtown Sarasota. Check the Garden’s list of special events and holiday happenings so that you can plan your visit.
  1. Ann Goldstein’s Children’s Rainforest Garden. Located at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Ann Goldstein’s Children’s Rainforest Garden takes children through a wooden fort high atop a 100-year-old Banyan tree. The fort is outfitted with swinging bridges and a twelve-foot cascading waterfall.
  1. David F. Bolger Playspace. Don’t miss this modern playground with colorful basket swings, a massive slide for older children, and a water fountain. The best part? Admission to the David F. Bolger Playspace, including the gardens and grounds of The Ringling, is free.
  1. Circus Sarasota. Sarasota is just as famous for its circus heritage as it is for its beaches. Buy tickets in advance, and take the family to see one of the Circus Sarasota year-round performances under this one-ring European-style big top.
  1. Dakin Dairy Farms. Covering over 1,000-acres, Dakin Dairy Farms is a place where both the young and the young at heart can entertain themselves for hours while experiencing a six-acre corn maze, farm tours, and hayrides.
  1. Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Admire the 150 native and exotic animals on display at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. From parrots and iguanas to alligators and primates, this family-owned attraction strives to educate through interactive experiences with animals.
  1. Siesta Key Beach. While Sarasota County is made up of over ten different beaches, Siesta Key Beach has been voted a top beach in America due to its powdery white sand. The recent renovation to Siesta Public Beach has added a large play area with swings.
  1. Myakka River State Park. The river and two lakes at this state park provide opportunities for family fun while boating, freshwater fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. In addition, Myakka River State Park offers miles of hiking and biking trails, wildlife viewing areas, guided nature tours, and camping.

Don’t think that one visit to these Sarasota family fun spots means that you’ve seen it all. Places like The Ringling, Mote Aquarium, Marie Selby Gardens, and Sarasota Jungle Gardens almost always have new exhibits and shows suited to kids of all ages. Now that you have a list of 10 family fun spots in Sarasota County, call Easy Escapes RV at (239) 302-3789. Take a look at a pre-owned RV that can make family road trips more comfortable while saving you money on hotel rooms.

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