RV adventures are a great way to experience the continental U.S., but which international bucket list trips are you hoping to cross off this coming year? Whether you picture yourself walking up the steps of a historic castle in Scotland or snorkeling among schools tropical fish in the Maldives, there’s no better time to start planning than the present.

Bucket List Trips

  1. The Great Ocean Road, Australia. Experience one of the world’s most incredible coastal drives. Explore casual surf towns, see the Twelve Apostles, get up close to koalas, and hike through rainforests along the way. This 151-mile stretch of road along the southeastern coast of Australia has been dedicated to those soldiers who were killed during World War I, making the Great Ocean Road the world’s largest war memorial.
  1. Edinburgh, Scotland. If you are a fan of theater and cultural experiences, then Edinburgh should certainly be one of your bucket list trips. Edinburgh is home to the largest theater festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which takes place during the month of August. In addition, you can wander through the streets of the Port of Leith, cruise on the River Forth, or explore the rugged terrain of the volcanic Arthur’s Seat.
  1. Björkliden, Sweden. This winter resort is situated in a weather shadow of the surrounding mountain range delivering optimum conditions for viewing the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. There are three small huts located in the mountains above Björkliden, which were traditionally used as portable ice fishing huts, but that have been converted into rooms for Aurora-watching.
  1. Kruger National Park, South Africa. No bucket list would be complete without including a proper safari destination. Plan a Kruger National Park safari to take a journey of exploration in pursuit of Africa’s Big Five: elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Kruger National Park is a true bucket list experience because of its vast landscapes and spectacular variety of wildlife.
  1. Maldives, Indian Ocean. The Republic of the Maldives is a sovereign nation located in the Indian Ocean, and one that all visitors will find exceptional from a geographical standpoint. While the white sand beaches are popular for those looking to relax, the active traveler will appreciate the outstanding opportunities for snorkeling and water sports. Due to the diverse number of underwater fish species, the Maldives has been referred to as one of the best dive destination in the entire world.

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