Class B RVs are well designed to fit within your paddle boarding lifestyle. These modestly-sized motorhomes are built with the simplicity and dimensions of a van, but have raised roofs to provide additional headroom. Class B RVs are a breeze to park and drive, so they’re ideal for weekend trips to your favorite paddling destinations.

Paddle board storage racks can be mounted on the back of your Class B RV, and are sold for boards that are up to 36″ wide. If you want to know which models are perfectly suited for paddlers, check out these three options.

  • Pleasure Way XLTD — Since this Class B motorhome has two twin beds, you can use it for either weekend paddling getaways or for longer trips. The twin rear bench setup converts into an ideal area to relax and grab lunch — making this unit extra functional. Vinyl flooring makes for quick and easy cleaning if you have a bit of sand between your toes. In addition, the XLTD’s diesel engine provides good fuel economy for its size.
  • ERA 70C — Taking it up a step farther, the full bathroom in the ERA 70C b earns bonus points for usability. The large rear bathroom in this unit is a big benefit for paddle-loving people who want to have enough space for showering and changing after a day on the salty waves. Plus, this unit has a Flex Bed system that can convert the two twin beds to a queen.
  • RoadTrek Simplicity SRT — This paddle-friendly motorhome offers a number of the basic amenities you’d expect, along with some of the luxuries you might not normally associate with a Class B RV. Take note of the large windows, full kitchen with pull-out pantry, full bathroom with stand-up shower, and sleeping space for three. The patio awning is a big perk when you’re ready to relax in the shade.

These three Class B units are each characterized by simple options and floor plans that offer enough open space to stow your paddling gear. For the RV newcomer or weekend adventurer, a pre-owned Class B motorhome is a smart choice that will save you thousands of dollars in depreciation. Call Easy Escapes RV at 863-450-4915 to find out how much you can save by buying a pre-owned Class B RV from us.