recycling class b rv

As a Class A, Class C or Class B RV owner, it’s important to learn how to recycle or reuse items while traveling in order to help protect nature and our environment. You might be surprised how much you can recycle or reuse on the road just by doing a little bit of advance planning. After all, we want our beautiful landscapes to be around for future generations.

  1. Shop green as you prepare for your RV trip. Purchase resealable, low-packaging, organic, and local products. Make choices that are better for the environment.
  2. Use stainless steel camping dinnerware that can be reused instead of disposable plastic or paper plates, cups, and utensils. You’ll leave less trash behind this way.
  3. Purchase and use non-toxic surface cleaners, dish detergents, and tank additives. By using non-toxic cleaners, you can help ensure that any residue or discarded cleaning solutions don’t affect wildlife or our waterways.
  4. Keep your pre-owned Class A, Class C or Class B RV well-maintained. Be sure to get regular tune-ups and oil changes to conserve energy. You’ll reduce emissions this way as well.
  5. Leave no trace behind. Better yet, leave your RV site even more pristine than it was when you arrived.
  6. If you do use glass, plastic or paper, recycle everything you can. Buy and keep a set of recycling bins stashed in one of your RV storage compartments. Even if you don’t have recycling bins, you can use boxes or bags as recycling containers.
  7. Consider investing in rooftop solar panels. Just a few panels can handle a majority of your generator use.
  8. Work with your RV site in order to meet your temperature needs. If weather gets warmer and temperatures start to rise, use natural shade, awnings and canvas covers to keep the interior cool. In cool and windy climates, protect your RV from the wind to keep it warmer.
  9. Take shorter showers in an effort to conserve the energy needed for hot water. You’ll also be reducing the overall amount of water you use.

Now that you have some helpful tips on how to go green in your RV, check out a few of the pre-owned RVs in our inventory. We often have RVs for sale that are classified as Certified Green.