The RV industry is experiencing an influx of interest for camper vans and both Boomers and Millennials are on the hunt for the best Class B Camper Van value. Many will settle for older models as they only plan to travel or live in it for a short while; while others are looking for the best value Class B motorhomes to live in full time in lieu of a traditional house or condo.

Living the “van life” is fun, adventurous and something thousands of people dream of doing. It has become even trendier lately due to the hashtag #van life on websites like Instagram. You can see sweeping vistas of America’s heartland and a Class B van parked in the midst of this epic scenery; or boondocking by the sea, waves crashing dramatically in the background.

No doubt this tugs at a person’s heartstrings and their adventure strings.

So the first step to living this dreamy life is finding the best Class B RVs for sale. Some prefer older models not worrying about the latest gizmos or gadgets. Still, others are looking for not only practicality but convenience, and yes, technology built right in. They simply don’t want to live without it.

The answer is a newcomer to the Class B manufacturing market: Embassy RV. The creative innovators at Embassy set out to re-think their RV from the chassis up using the highest quality materials available. This resulted in the type of motorhome one would expect in the 21st century; fitted with the same materials used by aerospace companies and NASA. It’s also so well-constructed the chassis will likely wear out before the interior does, something heretofore unheard of.

The designer of Embassy’s revolutionary Class B, Terry Minix has borrowed a well-known Danish design philosophy. It is a comprehensive rethinking of how things have been done in the past; approaching the redesign from a completely different direction prioritizing function, material use, and practicality first and foremost. This philosophy can be summed up in one Danish word: gennemført.

Drawing heavily from his background designing vehicles for mobile operating rooms, Terry did a comprehensive overhaul of Class B vans down to the smallest detail. The result is a recreational vehicle that in practical use outperforms its competitors.

Here are the 4 things that make Embassy RV not only the most cutting-edge motorhome but also the best value Class B camper van on the market:

  1. Innovation. Terry took a good hard look at how the Class B was designed from an engineering standpoint. He drew from his 32 years of experience designing full-functioning mobile surgery vehicles, pathological vehicles, and SWAT action response vehicles. He saw what worked and what didn’t and improved it inch by inch to be the most efficient luxury experience on the road with a cornucopia of the latest tech thrown in.
  2. The meticulous design is so ingenious it’s almost like they wanted to show off. Who benefits? YOU. Most Class B manufacturers produce 20 or more vehicles per week. Embassy constructs more like a loving craftsman; working slowly and methodically, checking and rechecking to ensure the van is built properly with every system working optimally. Currently, only two custom-built vehicles are completed each week, with the modest goal of five per week in 2021. Terry’s construction team is comprised of craftsmen with decades of practical experience and the patience to get it right.
  3. Materials.  Among the revolutionary changes are using zero wood which can rot or harbor insects, as well as weigh the vehicle down affecting gas mileage. He researched the yachting industry to find the most beautiful and durable materials that would last and be completely impervious to water damage, something Class B RVs were susceptible to.
  4. The insulation is the same used in 757 wide-body aircraft that both repels moisture and odors, solving a common complaint among RV owners. Aluminum framing for the interior and fiberglass composite sub-floors are built on a Ford Transit, Dodge ProMaster, or Mercedes Sprinter chassis.
  5. Design & Function. It’s the daily functionality you live with in the floor plans of a camper van and that’s when you’ll wish you opted for one of the best Class B motorhomes like Embassy. For example, most RVs have a sewage system with 3 tanks for grey, black and freshwater that must be emptied in whatever safe, government-approved dumping site you can find. Embassy redesigned this function using a yacht-standard dual bladder system that is located inside instead of beneath the van. The exclusively-designed hydronic system means there’s no need to worry about freezing.
  6. The water filtration system assures you fresh water on hand at all times. The toilet and shower area are hidden from view and available with the flip of a vanity countertop when you need it. More features include composite lined shower areas to keep splashing water from the main living area.
  7. Storage. The Embassy model also boasts more storage space than any other van; practical usable drawers and cabinets that aren’t just squeezed into leftover corners. And the bedding system? Well, just have a look.

8. Power. Terry’s engineering background really came to the fore with his redesign of the power system. He knew that going off-grid or boon docking would take much more power to run the “comfort” systems in a Class B than any poorly-functioning solar panel could provide. He added a 600 amp ion lithium battery that takes care of any power needs you’ll have exploring in the wild. Thanks to the ingenious battery system and filtered freshwater supply you won’t have to rough it while off-grid.

9. Value. Meticulous quality control of every highly durable material used in the Embassy Class B van provides long-term livability and security. Money-saving features are integral to the design from top to bottom.

From LED lighting throughout to the super-efficient lithium-ion battery and airline industry insulation, every feature is designed to be easier on your bank account than models from the last century. This is Mission to Mars thinking as opposed to KOA campground hand me the briquettes thinking.

In conclusion: the 9 things that make Embassy RV’s camper vans the absolute best option are innovation, world-class materials, design and functionality, a hydronic water system, loads of storage, ion lithium power, and the value of this very well thought out model.