Living the RV lifestyle full time sounds very Instagram and it can be if you choose the right converted van. Many are so enthusiastic they jump on the first Class B motorhome they see advertised and drive off in search of adventure without considering the absolute 7 must-haves of the livable Class B Van that are essential to being on the road full time.

A Class B RV or converted van build needs certain amenities or you will become uncomfortable quickly. Not only that, but if you plan on working as you travel other things like having enough battery life can make or break your career on the road.

Full time RV life needs a camper van like this one for example. Embassy RV took the time to rethink the entire custom van concept. Using materials from the yachting and airline industries for durability they’ve ensured the RV will hold up to the wear and tear of full time living.

There are actually 7 things your Class B should have and all full time RVers should look for them before buying:

  1. Control of the design. Life on the road is different for everyone and all full time RVing happens in various ways depending on the people and their habits; their priorities and desires. Having control over the layout and amenities included in your RV will make all the difference.
  2. Fridge/Freezer. Most RVs have a tiny one and unless you want to stop at a grocery store on a daily basis while traveling you need something a bit more substantial. The Embassy RV Class B for example has a 6.8 cubic foot 12V fridge/freezer combo.
  3. AC/Heating. If you happen to be in Minnesota and a freakishly early snowstorm hits, you want your heater to work its magic and do it well. You need something like the Embassy 20,000BTU roof mount AC/heating system that won’t let you down.
  4. Power. Nothing is worse than being on the road and running out of juice. Look for a lithium ion battery and a 3000w inverter. Embassy has both.
  5. Water. Yet another innovation from Embassy leads the way on water efficiency. Dual collapsible bladder tanks for fresh/grey usage maximize your ability to be off road and an Ozone water purifier and filter guarantee you’ll never run out of drinking water.

6. Toilet/Shower. All wannabe full timers brag about being able to use public bathing facilities and if you can give yourself a birdbath in a gas station toilet by all means rock on. If, however, you’d like the luxury and hygienic option of showering daily make sure you have something like the Embassy’s custom shower with floor drains and water guards protecting the rest of your space as well as a dry flush toilet. (Theirs works much like the ones NASA uses, making it both odor and ick-free.)

7. Elbow Room. Yes, you love your travel buddy but no matter how close you are attempting to live full time in small quarters will sometimes fray your nerves. We’re human after all. Having the extra-wide body and headroom in a Class B RV like the one from Embassy will give the added elbow room that can make or break hitting the road successfully.

In conclusion: forget so much about saving money and imagine a road trip across North America to your favorite RV parks in a Class B RV that misses the mark. Think of all the aggravation that can be avoided by having the 7 essentials: customized space for your needs, a fridge bigger than a glove compartment, sufficient AC/heating system, maximum battery power, enough drinking, bathing and laundry water, a modern toilet and shower and room enough to enjoy your travels without irritation.