When you’ve traveled around in your RV, enjoying the RV lifestyle for a few years and are now ready for less travel, you may be wondering what you might be able to get for it. How is worth determined? Who makes that determination? These are very relevant questions and this article will give you the basic information you need to find out.

  1. RV Life Was Fun, Now You’re Done

 Whether you’ve used your vehicle as full time RVers or for a period of time enjoyed hitting the road on occasional road trips to national parks, you might be at the point of selling your RV for a more stationary life. Let’s say your grandkids are growing up and you want to be there to enjoy them. Or you may have other extenuating circumstances that are prompting you to sell. Either way, the value of your rig is probably weighing on your mind. There are ways of finding this out and none of them are difficult, you’ll be happy to know.

2. Who Can You Ask?

 Much like national automobile dealers, dealers of new RVs determine prices sometimes in tandem with the manufacturer or according to current market prices. Used RVs are appraised and priced by the pool of potential buyers for certain models and the condition your vehicle is in when it’s rolled onto the parking lot with a For Sale sign on it. Sellers of used RV’s may buy your rig outright or sell on consignment. Both types of businesses generally offer appraisals of your RV based on the condition it’s in when you ask. Other businesses like Easy Escapes RV for example, also offer tips, guidance and free appraisals for getting the best selling prices.

3. The Appraisal Is Key

When buying or selling an RV getting an honest evaluation of the product is very important. No one likes surprises or disappointment with a purchase. That’s why the RV appraisal process is key to setting a fair price for all parties involved. The right RV price can help buyers save money but also give sellers the confidence of knowing they made a great transaction, too.

4. How Is Worth Determined?

 This process is pretty much the same as it is for any used vehicle. What’s the general condition? How much wear and tear is there; an acceptable amount or are repairs needed? How’d the interior holding up? What condition are the mechanical systems in? Are there broken knobs or non-functioning digital features? Are any areas water damaged? Your appraiser will give you the results of the extensive checklist used during this process and if they are worth their salt, will also give you recommendations for tweaks or repairs to get the most from the sale.

5. Why the Right Buyer Matters

 Matching the right buyer to the right RV is essential for a great transaction for everyone involved. Should the buyer feel swindled or dissatisfied with their purchase it becomes a major headache that can sometimes last weeks. A great RV consignment business will qualify buyers; get to know them and their checklist for buying an RV, find out if they want to live in their RV traveling full time or will be staying in an RV park. Is a travel trailer right for them or is a Class B van more suitable? Finding the right buyer will be the best thing your consignment dealer does to ensure peace of mind and a hassle-free sale.

6. Explore Further on Your Own

 Recreational vehicles are more popular than ever, as is the RV lifestyle. If you are ready to sell your beloved rig start by contacting used RV dealers and RV consignment businesses in your area and asking questions. Now that you know the basics you’re better equipped for a smooth transition to the next phase of the process, hassle-free.

In conclusion: To know the true value of your used RV you must be serious about selling, consult an expert, have it appraised, be realistic about its true condition, find the right buyer and have knowledge of the RV consignment sales process.

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