Personalized Pre-Owned RV

Whether you plan to spend just a few days or a few months on a trip in your pre-owned RV, there are several ways you can personalize your home on wheels so that it fits right in with your unique tastes or interests. Consider these RV personalization ideas that are fun and affordable!

Personalizing Your Pre-Owned RV

  1. Have a favorite sports team? Incorporate décor like throw pillows, framed photos, snack bowls, bean bag chairs, or lamp shades that highlights your favorite team and puts your whole family in the sports fan spirit while on the road.
  1. Come up with a fun name for your RV. People love to name boats when they buy them, so why not name your RV? You can even have a professional sign shop create custom lettering for your pre-owned RV.
  1. Incorporate travel memorabilia. Use photos and postcards from the places you’ve visited or use a digital picture frame that offers a changing show of the experiences you treasure. Or, collect unique refrigerator magnets that you have picked up on your road trips. Magnets are a great way to personalize since they don’t take up a lot of space, but still serve as a fun reminder of the places you’ve been and people you’ve met along the way.
  1. Add calming elements like scented candles or a reed diffuser. Buy soy or beeswax candles in a scent that you really like, use a scented reed diffuser or essential oils in the bathroom, find an elegant bathroom mirror, and add a few plants or flowers.
  1. Switch out your lighting, fixtures, and drawer pulls. LED lights are a good option because they are softer than fluorescent lights, they are safer because they emit little to no heat, and they generally emit a softer glow. Unique fixtures and drawer pulls can also be purchased at stores like World Market, Anthropologie, or online through websites like Etsy.

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