RV Trip Ideas For Kids

Keeping the kids entertained on a summer RV trip can seem challenging at times, but if you take a little time to plan ahead, you might be surprised by the outcome. We put together a list that only includes activities which don’t involve electronic devices. Why? Because an RV trip is the perfect time to re-ignite your family’s imagination while reminding them that a break from technology can be good thing.

These RV trip activity ideas are intended to inspire creativity and encourage learning. In addition, most of these ideas will work for kids at a variety of age levels.

  1. RV Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. You can either make a list of scavenger hunt items that you think kids might spot along your route, or you can download and print a pre-made travel scavenger hunt list.
  1. Summer Mad Libs. Kids can have fun on an RV trip and improve language skills at the same time. Just print off multiple copies of these summer mad libs before you head off on your summer RV adventure.
  1. Design Postcards. Buy pre-stamped blank postcards (you can get them at your local post office), and have kids decorate them while on the road using crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Another option is to purchase postcards at a variety of stops on your route, and then have children write to friends and relatives.
  1. Travel Log or Journal. Help kids recollect their favorite parts of your summer RV trip by putting together a travel log or travel journal for them before you head off on your adventure. Ask them to record interesting things they learned, what they saw, special places they visited, and anything else that made an impression.
  1. Magnetic Activity Board. Create an instant activity board by recycling a cookie sheet. Buy a variety of magnetic letters and shapes so that kids can have fun decorating the cookie sheet. If the cookie sheet is dark enough, you can also bring along a few sticks of chalk so that kids can draw on the cookie sheet too.

Now that you have new ideas on ways to keep the kids entertained on an upcoming summer RV trip, you should also check to be sure that all of your routine RV maintenance tasks have been taken care of.

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