The RV market is in a massive resurgence lately. Perhaps it’s because the covid19 lockdowns have given us all cabin fever.

Or it could be that some people want to live full time in their RV because of a job loss or to be near a sick loved one. The truth is, no doubt a combination of all these reasons. The effect on the marketplace for RVs has been astounding, to say the least.

Those of you in the market for travel trailers and fifth wheels are in dire need of some buying tips right about now, and we’re here to provide them. It never hurts to deploy a few insider tricks to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

It’s not just about the sale price. RV owners can sometimes be meticulous about maintaining their rig and sometimes not. You want a recreational vehicle in good condition, no matter what type of RV you’re looking to buy. (There’s a free tip for those of you looking to sell your RV in the near future!)

Without further ado, here are 5 insider tips to not only help you find the perfect travel trailer but also weed your way through the offerings to a great deal.


  1. Shop the entire country. The internet has travel trailers for sale all over the United States. Just because it’s not in your local area doesn’t mean it’s not the best deal you can get. Don’t limit your search or you’ll limit your options. Potential buyers often make this simple mistake.
  2. Look for slightly used trailers. RV dealers might not tell you this, but an RV loses up to 25% of its value very quickly. This makes a used travel trailer from a consignment dealer a shrewd option for you. Ask the dealer about the condition, the maintenance, and the make/model reputation. They’ll give you an honest answer, which is very important when buying a used RV.
  3. Pit dealerships against each other. This may not be a new trick, but it’s definitely an effective one. RV dealers, new or used, want to sell every potential buyer who walks onto their lot. It’s how they stay in business. By throwing a price offer onto the table, you motivate them to meet your offer or come up with an even better one to get the sale.
  4. Never buy on your first visit. RV sales are like all other big-ticket item sales. Dealers know it’s a big decision, and you may need some time to absorb it, no matter how excited you are about the model. Don’t give in to high-pressure situations. It won’t play to your advantage.
  5. Check out different brands. RV consignment dealers might know this better than any other kind of dealer. They see all brands, makes, and models come onto their sales lot and are very familiar with which features of the various brands are useful to have in the long run. Take a test drive in a model you wouldn’t have considered before. It may turn out to be the one you like best.

Getting a great deal on a travel trailer in this tight market might be trickier than it was a year ago. With our insider tips, you’re equipped to get the best deal possible.