RVs for Sale! If you’re on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace trying to sell your RV you need to read this. Selling your used RV can be tricky; it’s easy to get lost in a sea of ads or overlooked because key marketable features are not highlighted.


RV consignment solves these problems and more. Professionals who know the industry and what buyers really care about can make all the difference. Selling it yourself takes time, energy and money, not to mention all those smiley face greetings to people who aren’t really serious potential buyers.


Whether you have a camper van, toy hauler, travel trailer, 5th wheel or other type consignment really is the best way to go. Here’s why:


  • Honest Appraisals. You may think your van is super awesome but it might not mean anything to serious buyers. Or you may think it’s in terrific shape when it really isn’t.


An honest and fair assessment of your rig will only help you pocket more cash in the end. This is something an RV consignment dealer can give you and it usually costs nothing out of pocket.


  • How to Really Get the Best Price. Used RVs are tricky. As stated above, you might not know how things are really valued in the current marketplace. Your consignment RV dealer does and they will tell you what you can do to maximize profit when selling your RV.


  • Buyers at the Ready. RV owners generally try getting noticed on social media via Facebook friends or begging family members to tell everyone about their RV for sale. Sometimes this is effective but most often it isn’t, or not fast enough for sellers. An RV consignment specialist has a database of adventure-hungry buyers just waiting for the perfect RV match.


For example, say you’re selling a custom van conversion. The van life has been short; the van interior looks amazing, it has a pop top and is one of only 5 van builds by this incredible remodeler in Oregon.


None of that will matter to a buyer who isn’t interested in custom builds. He will wait until the consignment dealer finds the perfect cargo van conversion on a Ford Transit or Ram Promaster chassis. An RV consignment dealer can help all of you find the perfect buyer and seller so everyone walks away happy.


  • Hassle-Free Process. It’s like this: you can use your valuable time taking photos and videos, posting on social media and forums, meeting with all kinds of people and hashing out a sale. Or, you can hand the keys to a consignment dealer and let him handle literally everything.


  • Smooth Transactions. Once a buyer has been found, your consignment dealer will take care of all the complicated paperwork, licenses and registrations and hand you a check. What in the world could be easier than that?


If you aren’t convinced what a lifesaver RV consignment dealers are to eager sellers then try reading this article again. If you are, get on the phone and call Easy Escapes RV today!


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