Attention potential buyers of used RVs: if you’re considering living in a pull behind RV full time, look no further. Buy a 5th wheel. Their grand design will ensure a smooth transition from stationary house to home on the road.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels can have similarities in use, but the 5th wheel RV has a spacious raised front area that makes a 2-level floor plan. They also have some secret features you may not be aware of and you should.

Take this Cedar Creek model below. It has 5 unique features that will turn your road life into a proper RV lifestyle more easily than some smaller models. Here’s why:

  • Cost Effectiveness. The amount of bells and whistles on a 5th wheel like this cost a great deal less than in your average luxury motorhome. Add in the fact that it’s available at a consignment dealer and you save even more.

  • It’s a real home. Full time RV life is rife with unforeseen circumstances just like your old life. Things happen; a flat tire, dead battery in your towing vehicle or it gets overheated. You could be miles from anywhere and help won’t be there until the next day. Guess what? You still have your comfortable luxury apartment on wheels to sleep in while you wait.

  • Space without the extra body length. An average 5th wheel has about 30 feet of living space but only 25 towing length. This can make a difference in what your towing hitch has to look like. At 30 feet you need to add an extra 3 feet for a special towing hitch, making it in all 8 feet more. Anyone who has towed anything knows what a big difference that can be.

  • More head room and overall space to relax. Forget the idea of those campers from the 1950’s where you have to walk around half-hunched over. The 5th wheel comes with extra head room as well as bump outs so you can spread out as much as you like. Ahhhh. When you’ve been on the road for 10 hours it makes a difference. Trust us.

  • Storage, storage and more storage! There are so many cabinets, drawers, cubbies and nooks in a 5th wheel you’ll be wondering how you can fill them all. (Souvenirs from all your epic travels ought to do it!) There is also pass-through space underneath for the bigger items that other models don’t offer. This feature alone makes the 5th wheel a great option.

So, ready to buy your fifth wheel and hit the road? You’re in luck. The one in these photos is now available from Easy Escapes RV, your RV consignment sale specialist. Their excellent customer service and professional expertise in the RV industry will help you kick off your new RV life right!

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