Are you a young family looking to explore your local state parks this summer? Or perhaps a group of friends who love hiking? This Coleman might be the perfect rig for you!

Instead of Googling “RV dealers near me,”stop in and find out the 4 reasons this RV consignment bunk house travel trailer will make all your camp outings perfection. It’s ready to rock and the previous RV owners kept it in especially great condition.

Whether you call these travel trailers, camper trailers, bunkhouse travel trailers or pull behinds, the best thing to call them is a camping lover’s best friend. It’s easy to understand why they are one of the most popular types of RV. They’re not overcomplicated; you don’t have to have a college degree to use the thing and it’s hook-on-and-go. But there are other reasons why you need a rig like this if you love being outdoors:


    • Cost Effectiveness. Not only are travel trailers affordable to buy they are also very cost effective in use. They don’t weigh a lot so you save on gas. Their low price keeps them in range for most families or groups of friends.

They are lean and efficient, with a shower and sleeping area for 4 adults or 2 adults and a couple of kids or pets. There’s a space-saving kitchen that has everything you need to prepare a meal indoors if it’s inclement weather.


  • Beginner Friendly. They are easy to hook onto your vehicle and you don’t need an especially powerful one to pull it. They are easy to tow because they don’t have excessive weight or length. This also makes them maneuverable and easy to park.

  • Weekend Warriors Dream. This simple yet loaded rig is perfect for those spontaneous getaways with friends or the kids, or even taking your dogs hiking with you. It sets up fast and allows for a quick exit should you decide to drive to the next state park on short notice.

  • A Camper’s Delight. It’s designed by Coleman who designed all that camping equipment you already own. They know camping and have the essentials in place for all that weekend adventure you’re longing for. It’s a well thought out RV perfect for the simple RV lifestyle.

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