Sitting at home with all this extra time on your hands dreaming of escape is the absolute perfect time to start searching for your new RV. As you wistfully peruse online ads of various rigs like 5th wheels, camper trailers, possibly a pull behind RV, or even bunk house travel trailers just know this: sellers of lovingly preserved RVs are consigning them.

In case you’ve never considered buying from a consignment RV dealer, here are the facts. These dealers generally have decades of experience and a nose for sniffing out imperfections. They don’t want to waste the seller’s time or their own for that matter. It is in their best interest to only have the best used RVs on their lot at all times.

Once you’ve realized the advantages of consignment RV sales, here are some tips to remember:

Ask to see the appraisal documentation. Most consignment dealers offer free appraisals before they will show a used RV on their lot. Space there is precious; especially if they deal in Class B motorhomes, Class A, and small motorhomes like camper vans.

Everything is reviewed inch by inch, the floor plans are considered and weighed against what potential buyers are looking for and chosen accordingly.

Speak up. Tell the dealer what you plan to use the RV for and how you plan to travel. If you’re only going to use it once a month, say so. If you plan to live in it full time it is especially important to relay. Once the dealer knows your plans they can assess which rig fits precisely your RV lifestyle.

Be open to everything. Yes, you’ve probably looked at countless RV models on the internet or at RV shows and think you know exactly what you want. But what you find at your consignment dealer’s lot may surprise you. They know every feature inside and out, the good and the bad; the practical and superfluous. Let them show you lots of models and features.

Be ready to pay cash if possible. As it is in other industries so it is in the consignment world. Cash is and always will be king and most times will get you not only a discount but a super quick, no-hassle sale. Be sure to let the dealer know if you can pay cash if necessary to score a better deal, then sit back and let them negotiate a final sales price.


There are literally thousands of used RVs for sale all over the country. One way to cut through the confusion is to let an experienced professional guide you. You will save hours, days or even weeks’ worth of time trying to find the best deal when the consignment dealer can match you with your perfect solution right away. Happy RVing!