Did you know that RV sales and deliveries are soaring toward an all-time high? It’s true. The RV industry is planning to build on the momentum by focusing on three groups of consumers who are attracted to the RV lifestyle.

Combined, this group of potential RV owners represents 40% of U.S. households. These groups were identified as part of a recent Go RVing Communications Planning Study conducted by Nielsen. This study has provided new data about the demographics of prospective and current RV buyers.

Active Family Adventurers

This group has children who significantly influence leisure trip decisions. Active Family Adventurers are also the most likely to have rented or owned an RV, to have visited an RV dealership, and to read RV and travel publications and websites. Of the three segments, this one contains the highest percentage of Gen Xers and African Americans.

Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers are likely to have tent camped or rented a cabin at some point in the past two years. They enjoy visiting locations with natural beauty, seeking out lesser-known destinations, and finding opportunities for outdoor sports or recreation. This group is younger, and uses travel-related apps on their smart phones or computers.

Kid-Free Adult Adventurers

Kid-Free Adult Adventurers relish trips that offer learning opportunities, romantic getaways, exploring lesser-known destinations, visiting family, spending time in nature and attending sporting events. For this group, it’s about the freedom and convenience of RVing, including the ability to travel with pets, with a focus on entry-level RV options with lower costs and features.

Consumer Views on RVing

Consumers in all three of these groups have favorable views toward the RV lifestyle. Just like current RV owners, they like to take road trips and see RVing as a convenient way to explore the country, participate in outdoor activities, and spend time with family and friends.

Here are additional statistics regarding RV owners and consumer views:

  • In terms of current RV owners, the study found that they love their RVs and the RV lifestyle. When asked about their overall RV experience with their RVs, 88% ranked it as good, very good or excellent, and the majority said that their expectations of RV ownership were either met or exceeded.
  • One-third of current owners are repeat buyers, with the conventional travel trailer being the most commonly owned type of RV among those surveyed. RV owners take an average of five trips per year in their RV, primarily to go camping at a variety of destinations.
  • In terms of what RV owners look for when making an RV purchase, comfort and cost top the list of important factors. Since only 20% of RV buyers surveyed bought the same brand, there’s an opportunity for manufactures to build stronger brand equity.

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