Selling your RV on consignment might not be something you’ve been considering, but it should be. If you’re like most people, you’ll first try doing it yourself on Facebook Marketplace, in the local paper or in an online forum. You’ll tell all your friends and neighbors you’d like to sell your RV. This may or may not work. And with the COVID19 lockdown we’re all going through there aren’t many who will dare venture out to see it.

You may be thinking that everyone is at home cruising the internet and they will surely see your RV and fall in love. There are hundreds of RV owners looking to sell that thought the same thing and in the end had to admit they needed a much wider audience to increase their chances of selling.

That’s why the biggest reason you should contact an RV consignment dealer is:

  1. Professional Strategy. A licensed and experienced RV specialist dealing exclusively in consignment sales has a ready list of potential buyers you don’t know about and will never have access to in your circles. Many dealers have buyers from all over the world just waiting for the perfect RV that dealer will find for them. RV consignment dealers also have websites, blogs, social media audiences and contacts. These tools are necessary to not only be seen by potential buyers but also taken seriously.

The second reason this is a great time to consign is


2) Season. As you know, summer is coming and that’s the time folks want to hit the road either as a couple out exploring or a family ready for new adventures. RV sales are strongest in the next few months and you can take full advantage of it if you act now. Travel trailers and fifth wheels are by far the most sought-after models but Class B vans are also growing rapidly in popularity. If you are selling one of these models the time is now.

The third and final reason to consign your RV now is



3) COVID19. Yes, and here’s why. After being cooped up at home for weeks thousands of people will be looking to travel and get on the road fast. Many of them will never have considered buying an RV before but they may do it now. It’s human nature to want to explore when you’ve been denied the opportunity for so long. And of course as Americans, we want to go as far as our freedom will take us!

So if you want to sell your RV quickly the best way to do that is via a reputable, experienced RV consignment dealer who can market your RV widely; sell at just the right moment to the perfect buyer and to someone who wants to get on the road fast.