Are you thinking about buying an RV or have you recently purchased an RV? You may not realize all there is to love about the RV lifestyle. It feels like freedom and adventure because, in many ways, it IS freedom and adventure. From sunset walks in beautiful places to being able to use your own bathroom while on the road, the RV lifestyle has its advantages.

  1. You begin to really appreciate the little things in life. This means “little” things like sunset walks on the beach, picnic lunches, exploratory bike rides, or just relaxing by a crackling campfire.
  1. You can meet a lot of other interesting RVers on your travels. Hearing where others have been, finding out about “off the beaten path” places they loved, and learning about the places they want to go next — how cool!
  1. Simplifying your life feels so good. C’mon you know what we’re talking about. You know that feeling you get when you take a donation to your local thrift shop? It actually feels good to live with less clutter and stuff.
  1. You can look out your window to experience some of the most amazing views. These same views would cost you millions if you could purchase the land where you park your RV.
  1. You spend more time outdoors and less in front of the television set or on the couch. This means you’ll probably be healthier too!
  1. The RV lifestyle allows you to be spontaneous. Want to go wine tasting in Napa for a few weeks or spend a month in the mountains? You don’t have to worry about finding a hotel or booking a flight — just find an RV park near your desired destination and go.
  1. You learn to value experiences over things. Want to go for a memorable sunrise hike through the Grand Canyon or buy a new pair of dress shoes? We rest our case.
  1. It doesn’t take you long to clean. Even the largest Class A RVs won’t take you as long to clean as a house would. Plus, when you live the RV lifestyle, you learn how to be really tidy. Your messes will be staring you in the face all of the time if you aren’t.
  1. If you have job flexibility, you can drive off and work from anywhere. Use your laptop, cell phone and WI-FI while watching palm trees sway along a sandy beach.
  1. If you get bored with your outdoor surroundings, you can choose to head off to an exciting new destination.
  1. You can visit friends and family in other states without overstaying your welcome.
  1. You can avoid cold winters “Up North” in lieu of spending time in sunny states like Florida or Arizona.
  1. You learn to be resourceful and handy. If the windows need to be resealed, you are more motivated to do it yourself versus hiring someone to do it.
  1. There’s no lawn mowing or yard work to do when you live the RV lifestyle. This means that there’s more time to explore the great outdoors.
  1. You can avoid using gas station bathrooms. Based on some of the gas station bathrooms we’ve experienced, that’s a real advantage!

Given all of the things there are to love about the RV lifestyle, you might be ready to start looking at pre-owned RVs so that you can enjoy the same perks. Call Easy Escapes RV in Naples, FL at (863) 450-4915 to find out about the pre-owned RVs we have available.