With this year drawing to a close, you may be thinking about the New Years resolutions you made last December and wondering why you didn’t stick to them. Perhaps it’s because they weren’t New Years travel resolutions. You know, the ones that can actually be fun to keep? Check out the below 12 ideas to see which ones you can work on for the year ahead.

  1. Simplify and travel lighter. Do you really need to bring along three different kinds of shampoo or nine pairs of shoes? You’ll be amazed at how much less you can travel with and still get by just fine.
  1. Stop making excuses about why you don’t travel more. You’ve have been wanting to take a trip for the past year, but you’re worried about the dog, the lawn, or who is going to pick up your newspaper.
  1. Plan to visit a hidden gem that’s close to home. Whether you decide to take your RV to a state or national park that’s close to home or plan a weekend fishing trip, don’t miss out on those special spots that are just a stone’s throw from home.
  1. Learn something new. There are so many travel experiences that offer you the opportunity to learn something new. Why not learn how to cook a local specialty dish, take a nature photography class, brush up on your nature survival skills, or learn how to meditate?
  1. Take a walking or hiking tour. Many cities offer walking tours that provide a glimpse into the past of a historic local area. Check with the Chamber of Commerce in the city you plan to visit. If you’d rather visit a more rural area, see if there are organized hikes that take you through the mountains or woods.
  1. Be more spontaneous. While we all tend thrive on habit or routine most of the time, so it’s good to exercise our spontaneity genes every once and awhile. If you have a day of fantastic weather, take a last minute trip to a local botanical garden or rent a boat and take a cruise.
  1. Complain less. Stay positive and complain less. While it may take you a little extra effort at first, the next time something unexpected happens (while traveling or anytime), find the bright side in the situation. Complaining often leads to more complaining, laughter often leads to more laughter.
  1. Stay present. It can be harder to stay present these days considering the fact that we all seem connected to our mobile devices, but remember the “precious present.” The now is something you can never get back, so enjoy it and appreciate it without constant distraction.
  1. Travel to attend a festival. Most cities and even small towns hold local festivals that offer a taste of Americana. Have you ever been to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida or the Scarecrow Festival in St. Charles, Illinois? These are just two examples of local festivals that have become annual traditions.
  1. Travel responsibly. This means lowering your carbon footprint while on the road or in the air. Recycle, re-use, and leave only memories behind.
  1. Take the time to reconnect. Our lives are about relationships. Do you miss your old college roommate? What about that cousin you used to be really close with? Plan a trip to visit the people you want to reconnect with.
  1. Revisit a favorite place. There are places that hold special meaning to each of us. Maybe it’s a honeymoon spot or your favorite fishing spot as a child. Reliving these special moments and places in our life can be just as important as seeing something new.

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