Whether you have a class A RV, class B RV or fifth wheel, spring RV organization can be a challenge. No worries though, there are plenty of ways to maximize your RV storage space. From simple hardware store items like adhesive hooks to hanging racks, you can use these ideas to help keep your RV clutter-free.

  1. Use Velcro strips to organize and hold hoses or utility cords. There’s nothing worse than having a big knot of cords or hoses on the floor. Cut Velcro strips into long, thin pieces and fasten the ends together to keep those hoses and cords coiled up.
  1. Use nesting bowls, pans, and measuring spoons to save on space. This is such a simple concept, but really does save a lot more space than you might realize.
  1. Use a hanging shoe organizer to keep flashlights, bug spray, WD-40 and other household items handy. You can even label the outside pockets of the shoe organizer with the name of the item that should be slipped into each pocket.
  1. Buy adhesive hooks in a variety of sizes to use on the walls and insides of cabinets. Mount a set of hooks on the wall by the front door for your keys and sunglasses, or use them on the insides of your cabinets to organize and store cooking utensils.
  1. Divide up your existing closet space for maximum organization and use. Consider a rod doubler or hanging bag. Consider using a portable laundry hamper that folds down when not in use.
  1. Use hanging baskets in the kitchen to keep fruits and vegetables off the counter. When you only have a small amount of counter space, you need all of it when prepping food. Hanging baskets can make spring RV organization much easier!
  1. Use plastic under-the-bed storage containers. Fill plastic totes or storage containers with your sweaters, socks, shoes or extra towels.
  1. Keep books, magazines, and remote controls in vertical magazine storage racks. To avoid a cluttered look, you can even mount the magazine storage racks inside of a deep closet.
  1. Use a PVC or metal shoe rack that will allow you to store you shoes upright so that you can save space while allowing your shoes to air out after a day of hiking.
  1. Buy an inexpensive pop-up laundry basket to use as an outdoor trash can. All you have to do is line the pop-up basket with a plastic bag and fold it down once you’ve disposed of your trash. No more lugging a heavy plastic garbage can around or worrying about where to store it.

Spring RV organization projects can be quick and easy if you use tips like these. If organization tips won’t help you because you’ve just plain outgrown your RV, call Easy Escapes RV at 863-450-4915. Easy Escapes RV can sell your RV on consignment or help you find a larger pre-owned RV.