tacky rv decorations

If you’re around an RV park for any length of time, you’re bound to see a few tacky RV decorations at some point. Whether it’s a long string of brightly-colored plastic owl lights or a pair of green velvet curtains, there’s just something about tacky RV decorations that can bring a smile to your face — even though you might not be caught dead adorning your own RV with any of them. At least you can say that the endearing, and sometimes cringe-worthy, ways that RV owners add touches of personality to their motorhomes is entertaining.

  1. Fish Mounts. Yes, we know you are proud of that 35-inch striper you caught five years ago, but it sure would look better hanging in a log cabin instead of your RV. Of course, along with the mount comes the story of how the fish was just barely hooked. However, somehow due to the amazing angling skills of its owner, it still made it inside the boat.
  1. Lava Lamps. These glass cylinders that contain glowing gobs of goo are found in college dorm rooms, retro nightclubs, and yes — even in motorhomes. You might think you’ve stepped onto the set of Austin Powers, but really you’re just checking out your buddy’s RV and he doesn’t want to let go of the 70’s.
  1. Pink Flamingos. How many times have you seen these neon pink plastic birds standing at attention outside an RV? Bet you can think of at least a few.
  1. Shag Carpeting. Doesn’t matter if the shag carpeting is covering your RV floor or if it’s being used as a toilet seat cover, it definitely deserves a place on this list of the tackiest RV decorations
  1. Deer Antlers. If you pay a visit to a hunting lodge, you expect to see deer antlers, but inside of an RV? Not too sure about that. One can only hope that the owners aren’t tall either… otherwise, well… you get the point.
  1. Frilly Bedspreads. You completely forgot that eyelet and tassels even existed… until you took a peek inside that 1980 Winnebago. Surely these tacky RV decorations were inspired by an affectionate blend of Holly Hobbie and your high school graduation cap.
  1. Green Velvet Curtains. Velvet curtains might be groovy if you’re going with a Brady Bunch theme. Otherwise, you probably should shy away from them these days.
  1. Plastic Owl Lights. You often find plastic owl lights in every color of the rainbow hanging gleefully from the awnings of many an RV. Are you a fan of owl lights or could you give a hoot less?
  1. Daisy Wall Clock. The 60’s flower children out there always appreciate this piece of RV décor, but the rest of us are probably fine with the digital clock on our RV microwave.
  1. Plastic Furniture Covers. They probably moved from someone’s living room sofa right into an RV. Sure, they keep your upholstery looking like new, but they sure rate low on the comfort scale… there’s that crunchy feeling when you sit down and all.

We sure covered a range of tacky RV décor, but would love to see more! When you spot a few tacky RV decorations on your travels, snap a few photos and share them with us on our Easy Escapes RV Facebook page.