RV Consignment Florida

Wondering if it makes sense to use a Florida RV consignment company or RV dealer to help you sell your Class A, Class B, or Class C RV in a shorter time period and ensure that you get fair market value? There are a number of reasons why the answer to this frequently asked question happens to be “yes.”

Reasons RV Consignment Makes Good Sense

  1. Reputable RV dealers have the experience and knowledge needed to help you get top dollar for your RV once you have made the decision to consign. They are educated and informed on what various RV makes and models are actually worth.
  1. An RV consignment company or RV dealer, such as Easy Escapes RV, can come to you in order to provide a formal, written appraisal for your RV. This helps you avoid having to drive your RV from place-to-place in order to obtain an appraisal.
  1. You won’t have to handle all of the telephone inquiries regarding the RV or meet strangers who are interested in looking at your RV. They will take care of setting up test drives with qualified buyers.
  1. RV dealers, like Easy Escapes RV, have a team of marketing professionals that get your RV in front of a much larger audience by utilizing relevant print, local promotion or events, and online marketing channels.
  1. They have thorough knowledge of regulations that involve the RV sales process. Selling a high value RV can be challenging if the seller doesn’t have a thorough understanding of how the entire process works. If you still owe money on your RV, there is a lien holder. If there is a lien holder, there are regulations that need to be followed.
  1. RV dealers, like Easy Escapes RV, will help arrange financing for buyers and take care of the required paperwork after the sale.
  1. Most RV dealers and Florida RV consignment companies have a lot or physical location where potential buyers can stop to see which RVs are currently in inventory. Your RV will be in front of more people, and see more foot traffic, on a daily basis.
  1. RV consignment companies or RV dealers, such as Easy Escapes RV, will have a qualified service technician thoroughly inspect your RV prior to listing the RV for sale.
  1. They will give you tips on how to best prepare your RV to show and sell. Your RV should be clean, repaired, and maintained to the best of your ability
  1. RV consignment companies, like Easy Escapes RV, exhibit and sell at the major Florida RV shows. By attending these RV shows, they establish a large database of potential buyers who may be interested in purchasing your RV.

You’ll save time, have less stress, and can rest easy knowing that you have a team of RV sales and marketing professionals working on your behalf to get your RV sold. Have additional questions about RV consignment in Florida or want to set up an appraisal? Call Easy Escapes RV at 863-450-4915 or fill out our online appraisal request form today.