Easy Escapes RV Consignment FAQ

Our primary goal is to make the RV consignment process simple for our clients. Call us at (239)-302-3789 to schedule your appraisal today.

Have a question about how the consignment process works? Check our list below of frequently asked questions and answers:

1. What if my RV doesn’t sell? Every attempt will be made so that this doesn’t happen. However, after the 4 month consignment agreement is over, it’s up to the owner to decide what course of action is best for them.

2. How long do you consign an RV for? We accept RVs on consignment for a 4 month contract period. We take immediate action by investing our efforts and finances into selling your RV. Our full­time priority is to market and sell your recreational vehicle.

3. What are the costs to consign an RV? Zero.

4. Can I try to sell my RV while it’s on consignment with Easy Escapes? No, we have an agreement to exclusively handle all the marketing and sales related to each consignment.

5. Who cleans my RV and prepares it for sale? Easy Escapes is responsible for washing and preparing the RVs for sale, there is no cost or ongoing cost to the owner.

6. Do I need to continue to carry insurance on my RV while it is under consignment with Easy Escapes? Yes, the consignee or owner is required to provide us with a copy of valid insurance on the RV. It is required that the consignee to maintain coverage during the dates of consignment with Easy Escapes RV.

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